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Get started with a free rate review.

As a member of HPN Select, you are entitled to a completely free rate review. We have found that a random sampling of up to 15 locations will allow us to project company-wide savings, without requiring you to send us invoices for all of your locations. This review will allow WASTE EXPERTS to provide you with potential savings before you commit to using our services. We will keep the amount of work needed on your behalf to the bare minimum, as our goal is to save you time and money!

All we need for your free review:

  • Send WASTE EXPERTS a roster with physical addresses for up to 15 locations to be reviewed
  • Send WASTE EXPERTS 1 recent month solid/recycling waste hauler invoice for each of the locations to be reviewed;
  • If the hauler invoices do not list the number, size and service levels for each container, please note on the invoice and provide those details separately.

Once you have provided the above information, we will perform the review and let you know the potential for savings. If the savings numbers are sufficient to grab your interest, the next step will be to obtain copies of any existing hauler contracts. This could be included as a step above, but we have found that many business owners do not have hauler contract copies easily accessible.

We have a Letter of Authorization that we will provide for your signature if you would like us to gather the contract copies on your behalf.

Upon receipt of your hauler contract information, we will advise you of your options and at this point you can decide if you would like to move forward with WASTE EXPERTS.

To learn more or purchase, contact us.

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