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The Home Depot Pro Multifamily is bringing you more of what you need to stay ahead in a highly competitive industry: more products, more convenience and more services.

Through HPN’s preferred purchasing partnership with The Home Depot Pro Multifamily, you have easy access to the maintenance repair supplies and services that help you get the job done, on time and on budget.


The Home Depot Pro offers services devoted to full-scale renovations projects that meets the needs of our members. The program for HPN Select members is set up to establish bulk buying pricing with “just-in-time” delivery by using local distribution for your renovation needs. The pricing structure includes an additional member discount on top of the already competitive discount members receive.

In-Store Purchasing

Last-minute emergency purchases always need to be made, something a normal MRO distributor can’t assist with. Members of HPN Select get access to an in-store Pro Purchase card that allows you to make in-store purchases at your local Home Depot store without having to use a traditional credit card or petty cash.

Distribution Network

The Home Depot Pro program comes with a more robust distribution network than those offered by most MRO companies. The national distribution model offered by The Home Depot Pro is a perfect fit for our members.

Contract Pricing

HPN Select has put together contract pricing on a number of commonly purchased items including appliances, water heaters and HVAC equipment.

HPN Select HVAC Install Program

HPN Select has negotiated competitive pricing for HVAC install done by licensed HVAC installers at set rates for on/off season replacements.

Meeting the changing needs of professionals.

Control costs

Through single-source billing, procurement and commercial
credit solutions

Turn units

Maximize your net operating
income while reducing unit turn

Manage inventory

Improve productivity and reduce costs with solutions customized by our experts for your business needs

With The Home Depot Pro™ Multifamily you:

  • Gain access to more product, conveniences and services
  • Get more of what you need to get the job done, on time and on budget
  • Discover easy ways to manage inventory, turn units and control costs
  • Enjoy a broader range of discounts compared to HD supply


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