Elite Interactive Solutions

The highest certified remote guarding & security consulting firm in the industry.

Elite incorporates military and law enforcement methodology that go beyond the expertise of a typical remote guarding firm. Elite combines expert people, processes and technology to thoroughly understands each client’s needs and deliver custom solutions that truly result in crime prevention and a higher quality of life.

Elite has helped HPN members:

  • Dramatically improve their security levels
  • Establish closer connections with law enforcement
  • Fundamentally reduce response time (dwell) by law enforcement
  • Mitigate frivolous lawsuits & employee-related issues

Elite is transforming the Monitoring and Security Guarding Industries by providing comprehensive solutions that incorporate:

  • Highly-trained agents
  • Security Operations Command Center (Command and Control)
  • Video & security system management
  • Highly-specialized processes & security software
  • Digital monitoring and surveillance

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