ADT Protection 1

Tap into the power of ADT Protection 1 Multifamily to help improve property performance.

Protection 1 is Number One in Bulk Alarm Services

The ADT Protection 1 Multifamily Division has been serving property owners and managers with a high level of customer service for over 25 years. Our dedication to a great customer experience has made us the nation’s largest provider of multifamily-specific alarm amenities. We make it easy for you to offer your residents added protection, which leads to increased occupancy, additional revenue and decreased turnover.

Bulk is in Your Best Interest

Why pay in bulk vs. letting renters get it on their own? For starters, most security companies will not contract with a renter simply because they are unreliable when it comes to how long they may or may not be renting.

  • The cost to have a renter be monitored on their own ranges from $29.00 to $49.00 on average per month. This cost does NOT include service calls or any type or repairs to the systems.
  • When contracting with our bulk program, all service and all monitoring is covered for the life of the contract.

Smart owners want to be able to offer their residents this peace of mind for free or for a minimal cost simply to show they care.

  • Most residents are willing to pay up to $25.00 per month extra just to have the alarm system monitored and serviced. This gives owners the ability to have a large ROI since ADT Protection 1 bulk alarms services cost so much less.
  • Owners do not want the residents putting in their own security systems due to the damage that can be done when they leave. The renter will most likely be tearing out the contacts on doors and windows and the panel on the wall if they paid for it on their own—causing damage.

ADT Protection 1 is Your Turnkey Multifamily Security Solution

One Point of Contact
We provide one convenient source for security system design, equipment, installation, monitoring, maintenance and marketing.

Multifamily Expertise
We serve all multifamily market segments including apartment communities, condominiums, senior housing, student housing, homeowner associations and military housing.

Complete Security
We are the right choice to help you improve property performance through a full line of multifamily security products and services.

Camera and Video Solutions
Video surveillance helps protect common areas that include your clubhouse/office, laundry rooms, fitness centers, pool areas, parking lots and property entry points/gates.

Access Control Solutions
For added safety and accountability, limit and track access to your clubhouse/office, business center, fitness center, laundry rooms, pool, gates and storage areas.

Fire Monitoring, Installation, Service and Inspections
We will provide monthly, quarterly and annual fire equipment inspections for your communities (in most cases)— even when we did not install the equipment.

We have a comprehensive and robust reporting network that allows you to create/pull reports for individual properties or your entire portfolio.

Multiple Offices Can Be Joined in the Cloud
We can use the Internet to seamlessly connect your offices, remote employees and branch offices using a single integrated business communications system. A single VoIP phone solution across your portfolio will save you money—and video conferencing is included with smartphone access.

Virtual Solutions
We will provide a single web-based dashboard that allows for the management and reporting of all IT environments, including networking, security, IP telephony, AV, cloud services and more.

Legacy Equipment
We are pros when it comes to incorporating legacy equipment into a security plan. We will inspect, evaluate and show you ways to improve your system.

Company Owned Monitoring Centers
Our five UL Certified and FM approved, company owned monitoring centers are strategically located across the United States.

To learn more or purchase, contact us.

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