Where does healthy painting start?

Learn about ZERO VOC paint.

A more sustainable painting process starts with Zero VOC Paints from our friends at Sherwin-Williams 

Why use traditional higher VOC paints when a ZERO VOC paint is available through Sherwin-Williams at competitive prices from a brand you know and trust?

Paint doesn’t always dry quickly, and the chemical scent of paint containing high levels of VOCs can delay you from getting back inside. With ZERO VOC paints, you’ll be able to get back inside quickly because the air will not be polluted with strong odors or VOCs.

Low- or zero-VOC paints typically emit fewer harmful VOCs than regular latex paint. To be considered low-VOC according to the South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD), flat paint levels can’t exceed 50 grams of VOCs per liter and non-flat paint (semi-gloss, gloss, eggshell or satin) also can’t exceed 50 grams of VOC per liter.


  • Exceptional durability, easy application and excellent hide.
  • Outstanding touchup.
  • Zero VOCs meets the most stringent environmental requirements.
  • Available in all colors — including deep, vivid accents.
  • Available in flat, low gloss eggshell, low sheen eggshell, eggshell, semi-gloss and gloss.
  • Is UL GREENGUARD Gold Certified for low chemical emission into indoor during product usage.

Learn more about Sherwin-Williams sustainable solutions.

For more information on ZERO VOC Sherwin-Williams paint, contact Laura Wheeler at:


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