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Does this sound like your project?
My Architect selected one product, my Facility Manager prefers the performance of a different product, and my Contractor suggests a budget-saving third product, but I don’t know if any of these meet the required sustainability standard. And I only have ten minutes of time to sort this out and make a decision.

Select EcoGuide is here to take the guesswork out of the equation and streamline your product procurement process. EcoGuide offers education and shopping guides to help you make informed purchasing decisions that considerthe health of your residents and the environment.

HPN Select, and or partner, Healthy Building Network’s HomeFreeare working together with EcoGuide to bring material health guidance to our members and the affordable housing industry at-large. By integrating HomeFree’s straightforward education into the EcoGuide product procurement platform, we have created a more informed decision-making process. The end result is a tool that allows you to use your purchasing power to shift the market towards healthier products.

We’ve listened to our members and know that you need these tools now, so EcoGuide is live with educational resources for paint and flooring. The site is tailored to be easy-to-use for everyone. Whether you’re dipping your toe into the shallow end of the pool or want to dive into the deep end, we have resources and guidance to meet you where you’re at today. Browse the product category pages for background on how to evaluate potential impacts of human and environmental health as you choose products. Use the shopping guides to familiarize yourself with the specific attributes to look for when shopping for products.

When can you shop for products?
The next phase of EcoGuide will allow you to shop for products that have been evaluated by Healthy Building Network for potential human health and environmental impacts. Detailed product guidance, including rankings, will be available for each product.

This will streamline your product procurement process by providing a catalog of curated product offerings that meet the needs of our members and provide healthier solutions. Sign up to get notified when we add items to the product catalog, so that you can see the full product analysis and how they stack up.

Want to learn more? Visit the EcoGuide.

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