The launch of the EcoGuide from HPN Select

We are excited to share that the EcoGuide has officially launched.

We see this as a momentous first step towards a healthier America—particularly for the residents, owners, and developers of affordable housing projects.

The choices we make when selecting building materials have a ripple effect, at every stage of their life cycle, and these materials impact human and environmental health. Some materials commonly used in buildings contain potential toxins linked to higher rates of chronic diseases, such as asthma, diabetes, and certain types of cancer.

Affordable housing residents are the most susceptible to the harmful toxins in buildings, and health issues have an even deeper impact on vulnerable populations. The costs of expensive healthcare and lengthy treatment drastically impacts their finances and the ability to move out of low-income properties.

As developers, operators, designers, and builders, we are often faced with deciding between resiliency, cost, or healthy and sustainable—and evaluating new products can take the time that we frankly don’t have. With the launch of EcoGuide, we have streamlined the decision-making process.

The EcoGuide is a procurement tool developed by HPN Select that provides builders, developers, and designers research on building materials to help them make more informed product purchasing decisions. With information on thousands of products ranging from flooring to paints and beyond, the EcoGuide serves as a guide for developers to choose the healthiest and most affordable products on the market.

However, because the choices we make when selecting building materials have a ripple effect on human and environmental health—the impact of EcoGuide extends far beyond just a simple procurement tool. EcoGuide can harness the collective buying power of multi-family developers to shift the broader market for materials toward smarter, healthier, and more sustainable products. 

Healthy and sustainable materials are better for residents, for the community, and the planet. EcoGuide is here to make it easy to learn about these materials, select the ones you need to meet your goals, and, ultimately, give affordable housing developers a voice in the healthy building conversation.

We’re thrilled to launch this tool and look forward to hearing your feedback. Click this link to visit the EcoGuide and help us make sustainability easier.

Richard Kingston
VP of Sustainability
HPN Select/EcoGuide

Housing Partnership Ventures, Inc

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