Four Reasons Why Conserving Water Makes Sense

Solutions from HPN Select and The Home Depot Pro

Switch to Low-Flow Plumbing Fixtures

More laws across the country are mandating water-efficient products on all property types to support conservation. Water-efficient appliances reduce water usage while performing the same functions as less efficient alternatives, saving your community thousands in energy costs and water bills (1).

What Are the Benefits of Using Low-Flow or WaterSense Products?
• If one in every 10 homes in the United States installed WaterSense faucets and accessories, it would save 6 billion gallons of water and over $50 million in energy costs per year
• If every home in the U.S. used a WaterSense toilet, the nation would save 640 billion gallons of water annually(1)
• The EPA estimates that the average U.S. home saves $130 a year using low-flow toilets (2)
• If multifamily properties used WaterSense irrigation for regular maintenance, they would save 7,600 gallons annually or reduce water usage by 15 percent (2)

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