Elevate Your Affordable Housing with Schindler & HPN Select

Simplifying Elevator Contracts

Founded in Switzerland in 1874, Schindler is a leading global provider of elevators, escalators and related services. Their innovative and Eco-Friendly Systems make an important contribution to mobility in urban societies.

Four reasons why working with Schindler and HPN Select can help you:

1) Increased ease of contract management
Unifying your buildings under one scope will make tracking maintenance progress and fulfillment considerably easier. You may have contracts with varying scopes and different expiration dates. Through the HPN Select agreement, all contracts will also be set-up to co-terminate under a unified master agreement.

2) Improved communication and responsiveness
By working with HPN Select and Schindler, you will place your organization under a national agreement. You will be assigned one national point of contact to streamline communication. Should an escalation scenario arise, you gain increased visibility to help expedite repairs. Maintenance records can be tracked in real-time via Schindler’s Dashboard website and mobile app making providing communication updates to residents significantly easier.

3) Enhanced reliability and analytics
Schindler’s maintenance program uses the most technologically advanced systems in the industry to help maximize uptime for its clients. Through Schindler’s Dashboard system, obtaining sophisticated analytics on equipment performance is simple and fast. Understanding the root causes of shut downs and which elevators need the most attention will help you maximize your capital investments and fine tune your budget.

4) Financial savings and less hassle
The HPN Select agreement includes very aggressive pre-negotiated pricing, often yielding financial savings and making adding equipment as new buildings are acquired hassle-free.

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