A Special Message from HPN Select

Dear Friends,

It is a somber time in America as yet another black man, George Floyd, is memorialized and buried after dying at the hands of law enforcement.

HPN Select stands firmly with the African American community in condemning the senseless, tragic, and racist murders of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, and Breonna Taylor as well as others. These events have generated angry protests around our nation and world against the systemic racism in police departments and the broader society that underlies these horrific acts.

We emphatically affirm that Black Lives Matter and actively support and join with those who peacefully protest against this ingrained racism, which has been part of America since its founding and persists today.

HPN Select is committed to redoubling our efforts to achieve racial justice and equity. We will work to strengthen our diversity and that of our sector, educate ourselves, and create meaningful pathways to opportunity for all.

This work is more important now than ever.

Mark Vernon, President and HPN Select Team

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