A Special Message about The Coronavirus and HPN Select

Mark Vernon, President of HPN Select

Dear HPN Select friends,

The last several weeks have been trying on all our communities.

We have faced ever-changing information leading to some of the fastest days and longest weeks I can remember. Yet, I continue to be inspired by the stories I hear from your communities. The property managers, maintenance techs, and support staff continue to come into the office and fight for their residents. I am incredibly impressed by how upbeat and committed you are to keep everyone safe. You are all members of the unsung heroes of 2020, and I want to say thank you.

At HPN Select, we are confident that we will emerge more resilient as a nation, and our communities will see a renewed sense of purpose.

We are proud to serve you and the affordable housing marketplace by bringing you together with reliable and resourceful vendors.

Our partners, like DKI, has created many ways to help with sanitation and disinfecting housing spaces.

Companies like The Home Depot Pro are working with their supply chain to help find the needed cleaning materials and other high-demand products and get them to those who need them.

With some properties experiencing increases in trash-hauling demand, our partners at Waste Experts are stepping up to help support the growing demand.

Finally, for emergency maintenance needs, TrueSource has been able to step in with emergency repairs for glass, doors, and electrical needs, just to name a few services.

HPN Select and our entire team are here to help.

How can we serve during these challenging moments?

Please reach out to me or directly to the procurement team through Mark Vernon at (617) 874-0283 or vernon@hpnselect.com..

Mark Vernon Senior Advisor,
HPN Select
(617) 874-0283

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