We are committed to providing you with the best-in-class services from flexible ordering to warranty support. That caliber of precision requires the right supplier, logistics, experience, and absolute commitment to your business.


Committed to Reliable Delivery

J.B. Hunt provides delivery services for all of Whirlpool Corporation products nationally. 98% of the nation’s population is served within 150 miles.

  • On average, savings are benchmarked between 8% – 15% for members.
  • Provides 24/7 online account access and support on Web World.
  • Dedicated local Market Managers and HPN Select professionals readily available for your procurement needs.




Ready to get started?

Simply contact your HPN Select Procurement Manager to get started. Our team can provide benchmark pricing to compare Whirlpool’s contract to products you are currently using.

New Construction|3+ appliances, 3-7 day delivery

General Contractors or Project Managers can request a bid and order appliances directly through Whirlpool by calling Brad, our Whirlpool sales representative. Shipping is free when 3 or more units are ordered.

Apartment Turns|1+ appliances, 3-7 day delivery

For standard 3-7 day delivery, you can order appliances directly through Whirlpool by calling Brad. When ordering less than 3 major appliances, please contact Laura Wheeler for further information regarding cost savings, as shipping charges may apply.


Interested in Making Choices About Healthier Building Materials?

Select EcoGuide offers education and shopping guides to help you make informed purchasing decisions that consider the health of your residents and the environment.

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