Restoration and Mitigation When You Need It Most

As a member of HPN Select, you have access to these exclusive group benefits:

Disaster Response Plan We want you to be prepared. We will create a Disaster Response Plan for your company that will include operating procedures in event of a disaster, property details, and more.

Unique Emergency Response Toll-Free Number You can reach us at anytime during an emergency with a unique emergency phone number, 855-781-8778, just for HPN Select clients.

Disaster Priority When the unthinkable happens, your property event will receive priority.

Mobile App Designed for you, our mobile app allows for easy communication during disaster. Reach your Account Manager, take pictures of damage, and more.

Dedicated Account Manager Your Account Manager is there when you need him and will work to make sure your properties are completed on time and on budget.

Simple Process HPN Select has competitively negotiated an agreement and pricing for you, making it easy for you to start your project with Response Team 1 right away.

When disasters hit, you need a fast response. Response Team 1 provides disaster recovery, restoration, and renovation for multifamily properties.

What Makes Response Team 1 Stand Out:

  • Customer Service Always available. Always connected.
  • Cost Control Committed to your budget.
  • Our Services Fire, Flood, Mold, and Wind.

Interested in Making Choices About Healthier Building Materials?

Select EcoGuide offers education and shopping guides to help you make informed purchasing decisions that consider the health of your residents and the environment.

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