Stop Fires Before They Start

SmartBurnerTM easily replaces electric coil burners and helps prevent cooking fires. It also delivers a fantastic return on investment through insurance savings, restoration and lost rent costs, energy savings, and maintenance savings.

  • Protects Property
  • Saves Lives
  • Saves Money
  • Easy To Install
  • Outstanding ROI
  • Available through 3 major distributors

SmartBurnerTM meets the new UL 858 60A standard for cooking fire prevention on electric coil stoves. Our temperature limiting controlTM (TLC) technology is installed in more than 250,000 housing units across North America without a single cooking fire being reported.

How SmartBurnerTM Works

  • Our patented and proven temperature limiting controlTM (TLC) technology prevents the burners from reaching temperatures at which most common cooking oils auto ignite.
  • Delivers a better cooking experience and cooks food evenly.
  • Protects people and property from cooking fires.
  • Saves energy and money.
  • Product is listed as a certified replacement for standard electric coils and should not void the original warranty.
  • Easy to clean.

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