About Us

Our Mission

Multi-family housing developers are concerned with more than just the bottom line when setting their budgets, they also have to ensure they’re able to provide quality homes at an affordable cost to their residents. After working together to create a solution for a procurement process that meets their budget and mission needs, a group of 19 Housing Partnership Network (HPN) members, along with HPN, launched HPN Select in December 2015. In addition to being part of HPN’s portfolio of social enterprises, Select also leverages the expertise and capacity of a strategic procurement partner, Inprova Group.

Our mission is to provide high quality procurement solutions for the affordable housing sector. We focus on delivering value-for-money contracts that achieve the right balance between price, quality, and service for our customers in order to give our members greater financial capacity to fulfill their own mission related goals.

Our Shareholders

  • Abode Communities
  • Aeon
  • AHC, Inc.
  • Avesta Housng
  • BRIDGE Housing Corporation
  • Eden Housing
  • HDC MidAtlantic
  • Hispanic Housing Development Corporation
  • Homes for America, Inc.
  • Jamboree Housing Corporation
  • MidPen Housing Corporation
  • National Church Residences
  • North Carolina Community Development Initiative
  • Nevada HAND, Inc.
  • Preservation of Affordable Housing
  • REACH Community Development, Inc.
  • Rocky Mountain Communities
  • Tenderloin Neighborhood Development Corporation
  • The Community Builders